The Ligature is a pioneer in the use of renewable resources. Sustainability is an essential part of our core values. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while offering you sustainable options such as environmentally friendly papers and inks, while simplifying the procurement of your stationery, marketing materials and other printing needs.

Sustainability does not mean you are choosing between being cost-effective and being conscious of environmental impacts. It integrates the two.

Our environmental focus includes minimizing energy consumption, producing less waste and using alternative energy sources. And we are partnering with firms who share the same commitment to our sustainability principles. We’re looking out for future generations.


  • 25% & 100% Cotton fiber paper
  • 30%, 50% & 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) paper
  • Alternate fiber papers include rags, grasses, recycled & chlorine-free


Papers used for printing are primarily made from trees that come from tree farms; trees are a renewable resource. Paper is made from cellulose fiber, the source of which can be pulp wood, or a variety of other materials such as cotton, sugarcane bagasse, rice or PCW paper. Unlike plastic water bottles, computers, PDA’s etc., paper decomposes in a landfill.

Research shows that reading from paper is 20% - 30% faster than reading from an electronic screen? And that viewing a screen results in lower accuracy and causes more eye fatigue? Evidence suggests that comprehension and the ability to facilitate favors paper over viewing.


  • Our engraving inks are 100% water-based
  • Unused engraving inks are recycled, not discarded
  • Soy-based and low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) offset lithography inks are available upon request


As a result of our strict recycling policy, waste decreased by 66%

  • Manufacturing and office scrap papers are recycled
  • Receiving cartons, copier ink and toner cartridges are recycled
  • Damaged wooden pallets are repaired, not discarded
  • Coffee mugs are provided in our breakroom
  • Electronic equipment is disposed of through certified waste recyclers


  • The City of Vernon built a new electrical generating facility in 2002
  • Equipment is upgraded earnestly to operate more efficiently
  • Facility lighting is an energy efficient 400W metal halide lighting system
  • External lighting & watering systems are set on timers- conform to government regulations
  • Thermostats set to federally –mandated temperatures
  • Air Conditioning and heating equipment is serviced monthly to ensure efficiency
  • Computers, printers and copiers enter standby mode when not in use and are shut down at night
  • Office & restroom lights are left off when not in use


  • Tuck tops packaging and brown-kraft shipping cartons are 30% PCW
  • Simplex stationery packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Low VOC cleaning solvents are used in the printing process

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